Women’s Clothing Boutique in Bergen County, NJ

If you struggle to find the right clothes to add to your closet, look no further than Engle Shop Too. We have a wide variety of clothing to choose from, including pants, sweaters, shirts, jackets, dresses, and accessories. Read on to learn more about our women’s clothing boutique and our services in Bergen County, NJ.

Lucia Esposito opened Engle Shop Too in 1990, and for the past 30 years, she has met with top designers to curate a wide selection of clothes for women. She is dedicated to traveling in order to handpick the perfect pieces for her clients. Along with shopping in our store, you can also schedule our personal styling or tailoring services.

Personal Styling

Many women can feel intimidated when they walk into a clothing store and see the wide variety of options to choose from. Everything from the right color, size, and style can be hard to determine when looking at clothes on a mannequin or simply hanging on a rack. At Engle Shop Too, we offer personal styling to help you find the best clothes for your skin tone and body type.


We also understand that every body is different. Some people have shorter legs or torsos and need their clothes hemmed. Other people may be thin and need their clothes taken in to fit properly. Engle Shop Too offers tailoring in our store to make sure your clothes fit perfectly.


At Engle Shop Too, we have a wide variety of clothing for you to shop. From casual tops and pants to dresses and accessories, we can help you find the perfect fashion statement piece for you. Shop our selection online, or visit our women’s clothing shop in Bergen County, NJ, today.

For more information, call Engle Shop Too at (201) 816-0861, or email LuciaEsposito50@gmail.com.